Digital neighborhood watch - Smart home protection

Protect your home by connecting your home alarm with our service. Avoid expensive contracts and get surveillance from your neighborhood.

Neighborhood watch service

How it works

Your alarms will be sent to other users in your area as notifications.

1. Setup

Setup an account with your location. You can login via Google or Email/Password.

2. Arm/Disarm your system

Arm your system when you want your alarms to be sent to your nearby area.

3. Alarm goes off

Configure your devices to send alarms with your secret key or toggle alarm from our user interface. You will receive notifications when alarms goes off from your nearby area.

In case of burglary alarm neighbors can call police, use our alarm chat to inform regarding suspicious activity, snap pictures of bad guys and write down license number.
In case of fire, water or gas leakage alarm neighbors can help out to call local emergency number and inform neighbors.

Progressive webapps for mobile and desktop

Notifications, chat and alarmlog for alarms in your nearby area.

Neighborhood watch PWA screenshot