Connect your home security system to service

There are various ways to connect to our service and some of them are presented here:

1 - Connect your Nest, Arlo or Skylink home security system via IFTTT.

Nest security systemNest security system

Check out this video if you have a home alarm system with support for IFTTT such as Nest, Sky link or Arlo:

Connect to via IFTTT

2 - Use our API directly and connect through web requests.

Connect directly with our API if your alarm system has support for sending customized notifications (https requests).
This should work from system such as Telldus.
Checkout the specification for our API for details. To get your secret key and base url please login to our service.

#Turn on fire alarm
POST https://BASE_URL/alarms?secret=YOUR_SECRET_KEY
params: {type: 'fire', value: 'on'}

#Arm your system
PUT https://BASE_URL/accounts?secret=YOUR_SECRET_KEY
params: {active: true}

3 - Connect with home automation platforms such as Home assistant.

Stripes by Sensative

Home automation platforms such as Home assistant has support for standardized hardware such as Z-wave or Zigbee.
It is easy to connect to from Home assitant:

# Send burglary command to Vizenity from Home assistant
# Login to get BASE_URL and SECRET_KEY
url: 'https://BASE_URL/alarms?secret=YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
method: post
content_type: application/json
payload: {"type": "burglary", "value": "on"}

url: 'https://BASE_URL/accounts?secret=YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
method: put
content_type: application/json
payload: {"active": true}

4 - Connect with Homey hub through Homey webhook application.

Homey hub for your smart homeHomey hub

Homey is an easy to use central hub for your home with support for multiple protocols such as Z-wave and Zigbee. Homey can be used for both home automation and home security. More information regarding using Homey as a security system can be found here.

To connect Homey to service please download Webhook Manager app from Homey app store. Check API specification for parameters to send in post request.