Neighborhood watch service guidelines - best practise

The aim of this service is to contribute to safety. As a user take no risks and behave with reason. In case of emergency when receiving alarm notification, call local emergency number of your country before using this service. Depending on type of alarm notification, check out guidelines below:

Neighborhood watch service guidelines

How to act depending on alarm types. Take no risks!


Burglary alarm

In case of burglary call the police, take notice, take picture and write down license number etc.


Fire alarm

In case of fire call the fire station. If the fire is small and you have the right knowlede, help out and start extinguishing the fire. If fire within an apartment inform neighbors within the house.

Water leak

Water alarm

Check with the alarm owner if possible to help out and turn the water off.

Gas leak

Gas alarm

Check with alarm owner and call the police in case of gas leakage.